Killarney hoteliers do business in New York

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Four Irish tourism companies – including Killarney Hotels and the Killarney Park Hotel – joined Tourism Ireland in New York for this year’s SMU – Successful Meetings University – International. PIC SHOWS: Gerry Browne, Killarney Hotels; Allan O'Connor, Killarney Park Hotel; Marie McKown, Tourism Ireland; Steve Fenton, The Westin Dublin; and Crothur Murphy, Custom Ireland, at SMU International in New York. The event, which took place at The Sheraton Times Square, attracting more than 100 top American professionals on the lookout for unique business tourism destinations. According to Tourism Ireland’s Alison Metcalfe, events like these act as an important platform to grow awareness of Kerry’s business tourism offering. Over 1.5 visitors from North America visited Ireland in 2015.