Killarney couple frustrated at lack of action in response to anti social behaviour

A Killarney couple are renewing their call for action to address the anti social behaviour and damage being caused to their property outside their home. Clover's Lane, Killarney Dorrett Feullgraf and Timothy O’Leary of Clovers Lane say they have been living with the anti social behaviour for four years and are frustrated at the lack of action to curtail it. They say the improved lighting that was installed after advice from Gardaí has made it easier to see their CCTV footage but has done nothing to stop the late night behaviour. They also say they have not met with anyone from the council about the issue. Ms Feullgraf says people have damaged her car by dancing and having sex on it: [audio_player src=””] Timothy O’Leary says a gate was installed but it’s not being closed and suggests installing a time lock: [audio_player src=””]