Kerry’s Garda traffic corps lost half its personnel in last five years

The traffic corps unit of the Kerry Garda division, has seen its resources depleted by fifty percent in the past five years. That’s according to Chief Supt Pat Sullivan, who says the force is under increased pressure to cover its workload. garda badge According to newly-released figures, back in 2010, there were five sergeants and 29 Gardai working in the traffic corps unit. By 2015, this had gone down to three sergeants and 16 Gardai. Chief Supt Sullivan made his comments, in the context of a decrease in the number of motoring offences in Kerry in 2015. Figures showed a drop in the number of motorists found speeding, not wearing a safety belt, or driving while on their mobile phones. He said it was a welcome development that many Kerry motorists were obeying the law when it came to their driving habits. But he said the drop in offences during the year, should be viewed in the context of the Gardai operating with far less resources in the traffic corps.