Kerry people vindicated by finding of Casement treasure map and note

Kerry County MuseumThe people of Kerry have been vindicated by the finding of a map drawn up by Sir Roger Casement and accompanying documents. After his arrest in 1916, Casement drew the map, marking the spot where he’d buried gold and silver coins near Banna Strand. It was long thought the map had been destroyed, but it’s reappeared at auction and has been bought for £7,000 sterling by the Kerry Museum. It had been wrongly assumed over the past century that the money was stolen by local people. Chorley Casement drawingHowever the map was accompanied by a note which proves that not only did the British secret service know where the money was, but that it had been given to the RIC men who had arrested Casement, and the binoculars went to the head of Scotland Yard. Curator of Kerry County Museum Helen O’Carroll says the assumption that Casement had been let down by the Kerry people has now been proved wrong. [audio_player src=””]