Kerry judge asks if a speed van ever leaves a particular stretch of road

A Kerry judge has asked if a speed van ever leaves a particular stretch of road in the county. The comments came as over thirty cases involving alleged speeding on the R563 road in Faha East from the end of March to June of this year, came before court. Speed Camera Signage These accounted for the vast majority of about 40 speeding cases appearing before Killarney District Court. Judge James O’Connor asked the court if the speed van ever leaves Faha East adding that the area of road must be very valuable for those operating the scheme. The stretch of road has a 60 kilometre an hour speed limit. Solicitor Padraig O’Connell, who represented some of those issued with summonses, said it was like shooting fish in a barrel and described the placing of the van as a revenue generating exercise. One of his clients was caught on four different occasions April 1st, 13th, 16th and 19th. Meanwhile, around a third of the speeding cases were struck out some for incorrect details on the summonses and others who claimed they had never received a fixed penalty notice in the post. One man, whose case was struck out, said he got a shock when a squad car arrived in his yard with a summons. He said he lives near a post office and would have paid the fine if he had got it. When asked if it often happens that he doesn’t get post the man said when he was younger he used to get love letters meant for another man who shared his name, that man has since left the area he added.