Kerry GRA member believes former garda living quarters should be reopened

GRA conference at the Malton in Killarney.
A Kerry Garda Representative Association member believes the former married quarters attached to garda stations should be reopened. Seamus Moriarty, who’s a community garda in Tralee and is on the GRA executive, was speaking as the association’s conference is underway in Killarney. He says pay is the main issue for gardaí in Kerry, and he’s suggesting a way of helping younger gardaí by reopening the living quarters that were attached to garda stations.   [audio_player src=””]   GRA Garda Representative AssociationMeanwhile the GRA conference has heard impassioned pleas from rank and file gardai to restore their pay. A motion calling for the restoration of pay to pre-2009 levels was passed unanimously, ahead of debates on arming the gardai, and increasing the number of armed units.