Kerry General Election Tallies 1pm

Martin Ferris has gained ground in tallies. 20160227_115125 The story of the election in Kerry so far continues to be the might of the Healy Rae vote in all parts of the county. Tallies are showing both Michael Healy Rae and his brother Danny are in line to take two seats in Kerry. 129 boxes are now (1pm) open out of 212 in the Kerry General Election Count. The count is taking place in the Killarney Sports and Leisure Centre. 16 candidates are vying for 5 seats including five outgoing TDs. Estimated quota is over 13,105 and estimated turnout is 67.5 per cent. Tallies at 1pm noon show: Brassil, John, FF – 5,234 Corcorcan, Donal, Renua – 521 Deenihan, Jimmy, FG – 4,644 Ferris, Martin, SF – 6,113 Finucane, Brian, PBP/AAA – 623 Fitzgerald, Michael, Green Party – 505 Fitzgibbon, Mary, Ind – 407 Gaynor, Henry, Ind – 122 Griffin, Brendan, FG – 4,328 Healy-Rae, Danny, Ind – 5,816 Healy-Rae, Michael, Ind – 12,020 Moriarty, Norma, FF – 2,247 Murphy, Kevin, Ind – 315 O’Donnell, Grace, FG – 529 O’Gorman, Michael Pixie, Ind – 938 Spring, Arthur, Lab – 3,032   Now as we know the Kerry constituency is now a five seat constituency And it’s the first time since 1932 that there hasn’t been two constituencies in Kerry – but is there still an invisible line it seems for votes North Kerry people willing to vote for the south Kerry candidate but the opposite doesn’t seem to be happening based on tallies…does this point to a cultural difference in the areas? It’s seems so! The supporters of Healy Raes are going along with the election strategy to carve up the constituency. It can be seen in Kenmare, Glencar and Bonane – huge showing for Michael and very little for Danny -as was the plan…. the 1-2 transfer strategy looks likely to work. The Healy Raes are running their own tally and just before we came on air… Their tally says 169 boxes are open including postal votes Michael Healy Rae – 16 734 Danny Healy Rae – 8 431