Kerry Garda says taking 2CB party pills is akin to playing Russian Roulette

Gardai in Kerry are warning people about the dangers of taking the party drug 2CB, which they describe as akin to ‘playing Russian Roulette’. The Garda warning comes, after a number of young people in Cork were hospitalized after taking the drug earlier this week. Prescription medication drugs According to a spokesman, Gardai in Kerry have no knowledge of the dangerous 2CB drug being currently available in Kerry. However, there was a major seizure of the so-called ‘party pills’ in the county in recent years. Thousands of the pills were seized by the Kerry Garda Drugs Unit outside a filling station in Killarney, in a joint operation with customs officials. It emerged that two Kerry men had imported the drugs from Holland. They were subsequently arrested and sentenced to lengthy jail sentences. According to a Kerry Garda spokesman, 2CB pills are extremely dangerous and have hallucinogenic qualities. He described the pills as being ‘more dangerous than Ecstacy’, and warned people to steer well clear of them.