Kerry Fine Gael Senator disappointed by people rejecting offer with examining it

Kerry Fine Gael Senator Paul Coghlan says he’s disappointed by people in both his party and Fianna Fáil for rejecting the partnership offer out of hand, without looking at what it contains. Senator Paul Coghlan, Fine Gael, Seanad Chief Whip The Government Chief Whip in the Seanad says he’s hopeful of a deal being agreed, but feels it’s early days, and it’ll take some time to sort out. [audio_player src=””]   There’s mounting opposition emerging in Fianna Fáil to the offer from the Acting Taoiseach for the party to enter an “equal partnership Government”. TDs from both Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael have been attending their Parliamentary Party meetings, where the options for coalition talks are being outlined. A source in Fine Gael says any knee jerk refusal of the genuine offer from Enda Kenny by Fianna Fáil would be “unreasonable and disrespectful”. Enda Kenny’s offer of an equal partnership government when he met Micheál Martin last night caught many in Fianna Fáil by surprise. The reaction was lukewarm at best in the party. Carlow Kilkenny’s John McGuinness believes it’s at least worth exploring. But others like Willie O’Dea and Niall Collins are dead set against it. Enda Kenny received unanimous support from his party to form this partnership Government. So an equal partnership – including Fine Gael TDs voting for Micheál Martin as Taoiseach? – Dublin Bay South’s Kate O’Connell. Right now we’re waiting to see how Fianna Fáil are going to deal with this offer, and what will happen between Enda Kenny and Micheál Martin when they meet again later.