Kerry County Council to undertake extensive housing stock survey

Kerry County Council is to undertake an extensive housing stock survey next year. KCC chamber Over 23.5 million euro will be spent by the local authority on housing and building in 2016. Kerry County Council has over 4,000 properties and is among the biggest housing authorities in the state after Dublin. 1.2 million is to be spend repairing vacant houses and 1.7 million euro will be used for housing adaptation and aids for the elderly. The council has an extensive land bank portfolio for the construction of housing and is obliged to service loans on these lands. The Land Aggregation Scheme announced by Government in 2010 as a way for local authorities to offload development land has now ceased. As a result the council has negotiated a 5 year interest only payment option for matured land loans Despite this over one million euro will be spent next year on loans for the lands. Recent developments in social housing mean some of the lands could be used for building houses in the near future. A strategic review of these lands will take place next year. Several councillors criticised the pace at which council houses are turned around for new tenants.