Kerry County Council lodged 135 claims for bonds to complete unfinished estates

Kerry County Council has lodged 135 claims with 11 financial institutions for bonds to complete unfinished housing estates. KCC logo The details are revealed in the council’s Operations Directorate Service Delivery Plan. This plan states that Kerry County Council is in contentious negotiations with financial institutions, seeking payment of the proceeds of bonds to complete outstanding works on unfinished housing estates throughout the county. The majority of claims are based on anticipated costs of fixing defects which were apparent from a visual examination, but the local authority says they may have to claim more money if other works are needed. Since 2012, the council has been paid 75 claims or cash bonds, and arrangements are being made to have the outstanding works in these developments completed. Last year, developments were carried out on 15 estates, and the council intends to resolve issues in a further 25 unfinished estates by the end of 2016.