Kerry councillor says SF ‘hijacking’ Easter Rising commemorations

A Kerry councillor has hit out at Sinn Féin’s commemorations of the events of 1916 saying that the party played no role in the Easter Rising and that the party is manipulating history. Michael Gleeson 1 In a letter published in today’s Irish Examiner, Kerry Independent Alliance councillor, Michael Gleeson, says Sinn Féin should stand aside from all that is planned for the centenary of the Rising. In his letter, Cllr Gleeson takes issue with Sinn Féin’s approach to the commemorations of the 1916 Rising, saying they are engaged in a determined effort to hijack events. He said that how the party marked the recent centenary of the death of Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa was an attempt to exploit his life, death and burial. Cllr Gleeson says O’Donovan Rossa was never a member of Sinn Féin nor did the party play any role in the events of Easter Week in 1916. For Sinn Féin to now seek to lay claim to the Rising, he writes, is to ‘deliberately mislead, and to seek accolade where none is due.’ The Killarney councillor suggests that Sinn Féin should stand aside from the remaining events being planned to commemorate 1916 and a failure to do so would suggest the party thinks people are fools.