Kerry councillor denies notifications about housing allocations is vote getting

A Kerry councillor has denied that wanting to be notified when council houses are allocated amounts to vote getting.

Johnny Healy Rae 3
Under new data protection rules, councillors won’t be told if a constituent is offered a tenancy, even though they may have been working on their behalf; however, this change is being reviewed by Kerry County Council.
Independent Cllr Johnny Healy-Rae says it’s important councillors are informed about housing matters, especially in situations such as St Mary of the Angel’s, where the names of residents of the Beaufort facility were placed on the council’s housing lists without appropriate consent or communication with families.

Meanwhile, Kerry County Council says it continually reviews its compliance with legislative provisions.
Following a request from elected members, aspects of data protection legislation and how it impacts on the role of councillors in housing matters is currently under review.