Jury hears closing speeches in Tralee drugs trial

The jury in the trial of a 26 year old Tralee man has heard closing speeches. Gavel 1 Mark O’Sullivan of 23 Caharanne Close Tralee has pleaded not guilty to two counts of possession of cannabis, two  counts of possession of cannabis for sale or supply and a final charge of obstructing a garda by throwing cannabis into the fire at 13 Gallowsfield, Tralee on January 10th 2012. The jury of 6 men and 6 women at Tralee Circuit Court was told the cannabis found in the possession of Mark O’Sullivan had a street value of 705 euro 82 cent. Both defence and prosecution barristers said the credibility of the gardaí is at the centre of the case. Defence barrister Brian McInerney described the garda investigation as a buckshield shiny one that says to do down his client because the gardaí say so. Prosecutor Tom Rice says the jury should find that the only purpose of having 705 euro worth of drugs on him was for sale or supply.