Jimmy Deenihan got best value on spend per vote at last election

Jimmy Deenihan got better value for money than any other candidate in Kerry in terms of what he spent on the last general election campaign, according to a new survey. ballot-box The Irish Times has carried out an analysis of what each first preference vote cost successful candidates at the 2011 poll. The newspaper compared what each general election candidate spent to the number of votes they each received. Jimmy Deenihan got over 12,000 first preferences and spent €15,500 on his campaign meaning that each first preference vote he received cost €1.26. With a spend of €13,400, the spend per vote of Sinn Féin’s Martin Ferris was €1.50. For Arthur Spring, it was €1.80 and the spend per vote for Brendan Griffin was €2.64. Michael Healy-Rae spent almost €18,000 on his campaign and with 6,670 votes had a first preference cost of €2.69 each. Bottom of the list in Kerry was Independent, Tom Fleming, whose first preferences cost him €3.22 each.