Issues with 22 Kerry drinking water supplies expected to be rectified by next year

It’s expected that issues with 22 Kerry drinking water supplies, which the EPA says are at risk, will be rectified by next year.

water from tap in a glass

They have high levels of Trihalomethanes – which are a by-product of the disinfection.

Senior Inspector with the EPA, Darragh Page says THMs aren’t as bad as having E.coli or cryptosporidium in water, but the supplies still have to be worked on.

He says the problems with the 22 Kerry supplies should be remedied by the end of 2017:

Meanwhile the EPA also found that the Templenoe supply exceeds the WHO limit for pesticides, and stated that source protection measures need be implemented to protect this drinking water.

Darragh Page of the EPA says these pesticides are ending up in the supply because farmers are using them to kill rushes; he says this will have to be monitored and farmers need to use other ways to kill rushes.