Islamic State claims responsibility for Brussels attacks

belgium flagThe so-called Islamic State has claimed responsibility for terror attacks in the Belgian capital, which have killed at least 34 people. Up to 14 died and around 100 were injured in two explosions in the departure hall of Brussels Airport. Shortly after, an explosion at a metro station near the main EU buildings is thought to have killed at least twenty and injured 106. Belgium’s Prime Minister has warned there could be more attacks. CCTV has been released of three men at the airport – two of whom are thought to have been suicide bombers, and a third who is reported to be on the run. Local media has reported that shots were fired and words shouted in Arabic before the blast. An assault rifle was reportedly found next to a dead attacker. Speaking in Havana, the US President Barack Obama says the international community must stand united against terrorism. Meanwhile, the National Security Council is meeting this afternoon to review Ireland’s security arrangements following the Brussels attacks. The council includes the Garda Commissioner, the Chief of Staff of the Defence Forces, and the heads of four government departments. It’s understood that such meetings are often held in the wake of international terrorist incidents. The Taoiseach and other ministers will be briefed on the meeting’s findings later this afternoon. The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Charlie Flanagan  says It is still believed that no Irish people have been killed or injured in the Brussels attacks.