Irish Water Safety warns of the high tides caused by the full moon

Irish Water Safety is warning the public of high tides this week due to a full moon. Kerry coastline beach Walkers should remain alert and stay well away from the edge of ordinarily familiar coastal walks due to the risk being washed in by large Atlantic swells. Those walking on beaches should be alert to a fast advancing tide and of being stranded. Irish Water Safety is also advising people to carry a mobile phone and ideally be in the company of others. Anglers should be extremely vigilant with three Anglers having drowned so far this year. Swimmers should be aware of rip currents, especially on surfing beaches and should never swim against this narrow current of water flowing away from a beach. Instead, swim parallel to the shore, out of the narrow current and then swim back to shore at an angle. Divers completing drift dives need to carefully calculate the rate of drift and ensure that the dive boat maintains contact with their divers throughout the dive. If an emergency develops don’t delay – Call 112 and ask for the Coast Guard. Meanwhile, with weather temperatures on the rise and children on their school holidays, parents in Kerry are being advised to watch their children very carefully around water including paddling pools, swimming pools and by the seaside. Swim School Water Babies says the mix of sunshine, water and children can be a lethal combination.