Ireland South MEP says road deaths bigger challenge than terrorism to Europe

deirdre_clune_4_site-211x300An Ireland South MEP says the number of people killed on the roads is a much bigger challenge to Europe than terrorism. 26,000 Europeans die on the roads annually. MEP Deirdre Clune who is on the EU Transport committee has called on car manufacturers in Europe to design and make safer cars. This follows the publication of a report which looks at new safety measures in car design and how they can save lives. The new safety measures called for in the report include emergency braking systems whereby the car detects when a collision is imminent and employs the brakes, avoiding the collision or at least mitigating its impact. Speaking after the launch of the report, Deirdre Clune said that Europe must get its priorities straight when it comes to action on road deaths, 70% of which are occurring on our rural roads.