Inquest hears Georgian man died in Tralee after sustaining a single stab wound

An inquest has heard how a Georgian man died in Tralee after sustaining a single stab wound to the chest over ten years ago. coroners court George Tkeshelashvili who had been living in Atlas House in the town passed away at Kerry General Hospital on October 15th 2005. In November last year Badri Khredelidze who had been extradited from Spain to face a charge of murdering Mr Tkeshelashvili was found NOT guilty at the Central Criminal Court. Givi Verdzeuli’s deposition was read into the record at Tralee Coroner’s Court as he did not attend because of his objection to the only Georgian translator available in the country. His said witnessed his roommate Badri Khredelidze inflict a single stab wound on Mr Tkeshelashvili with a knife he kept in his room. Mr Verdzeuli said there was a river of blood coming from the victim and he applied pressure on the wound. He and another man brought Mr Tkeshelashvili by taxi to Kerry General Hospital; he said Mr Tkeshelashvili began to complain of a lack of air, his face became dark and he wiped cold sweat from his forehead. Assistant State Pathologist Dr Margot Bolster said the cause of death was haemorrhage and shock with a collapsed lung due to a single stab wound to the chest; she noted no defence wounds.