HSE says home help hours have increased in Kerry despite cuts to service

Despite cuts to home help services on weekends and bank holidays, the HSE claims the number home help hours delivered in Kerry has increased over the past three years. Danny Healy Rae 1 In 2015 just over 580,000 home help hours were delivered in Kerry, this is an increase of 12,700 hours on 2014 and an increase of 54,883 on what was provided in 2013. The HSE was responding to claims by Cllr Danny Healy Rae who says the service was withdrawn on Christmas Day, St. Stephen’s Day and New Year’s Day. The HSE says as individuals in receipt of the service usually have family visiting or are staying with family over the holiday time a home help service is not provided on those days. Cllr Healy Rae says the vulnerable are constantly being hit: [audio_player src=”http://media.radiokerry.ie/mediamanager/embed/audio/50692/medium/”] Meanwhile, Cllr Danny Healy Rae is maintaining his stance on Global Warming. Despite the weeks of rainfall and flooding, Cllr Healy Rae says global warming is baloney and says the weather is down to ‘the man above’. He says common sense must prevail and the rivers have to be dredged. He says there were many instances of extreme weather long before the combustible engine: [audio_player src=”http://media.radiokerry.ie/mediamanager/embed/audio/50694/medium/”]