HSE says high risks at Kerry General reflective of lack of funding

The Health Service Executive says a new report on conditions at Kerry General Hospital reflects the level of resources available in the acute hospital system. HSE logo An inspection report published today by HIQA identifies a number of ‘high risks’ at the hospital including structural deficiencies in its operating theatre and oncology department. HIQA Logo small Local TDs have described the report as alarming and shocking. An unannounced inspection of Kerry General on 8th July found that the operating theatre complex is dilapidated and significantly damaged. The infrastructure of the oncology unit was found to be deficient in terms of infection prevention and control. A number of risks were identified, the cumulative effect of which presented an immediate high risk finding by HIQA. In a statement, the HSE welcomed the report but said that the problems raised reflect the level of resources available to address infrastructural deficits in the acute hospital system generally. The HSE noted that capital funding has however been assigned to support the upgrade of the theatre, the oncology department and other departments. Labour TD Arthur Spring said a claim in the report that Legionnaire’s disease was a risk to patients was shocking and said the integrity of the hospital must be maintained Martin Ferris of Sinn Féin described the findings as alarming and said the buck for the dangerous physical environment at Kerry General rests with the government.