HSE clarifies position regards cystic fibrosis drug Orkambi

The HSE have outlined their position in relation to the cystic fibrosis drug Orkambi. Kerry County Council called on the Minster for Health and HSE to negotiate a better price with drug companies for Orkambi. Prescription medication drugs Research suggests the drug could be highly effective as it is said to target underlying causes of CF. The National Primary Care Division advised the HSE has a statutory responsibility to formally assess each new medicine in line with the requirements of the Health (Pricing and Supply of Medical Goods) Act 2013. The drug Orkambi received market authorisation in the European Union in November 2015 and makers Vertex are currently preparing the remaining documentation required by the HSE for assessment. Once the full dossier is submitted by Vertex, the HSE will complete their pricing assessment process within 90 days and then engage with the pharmaceutical companies to address any concerns.