Hopes new Flying Doctor service for Kerry and region will launch next Spring

It’s hoped a new Flying Doctor service for Kerry and the region will be launched next Spring.

€1 million needs to be fundraised to get the service up and running, and it’ll cost €2 million a year to operate.


It’s proposed the Irish Community Air Ambulance, based out of Cork Airport, will provide a lifesaving service to the greater Munster area, offering fast access to advanced clinical interventions at the roadside, by highly trained pre-hospital emergency care physicians.

It’ll mirror models in the UK and other countries where geographically challenging terrain warrants an air ambulance.

This service would complement the existing emergency services and the current Athlone-based Emergency Aeromedical Service.

It’s hoped more than €1 million can be raised to launch the service from late Spring 2017, and €2 million is needed every year thereafter to operate it.

The air ambulance will travel to every town in Munster over the next six months in a bid to raise funds; more information is available on www.communityairambulance.ie