Greek parliament votes in favour of legislation for 3rd bailout

Greece’s parliament has voted overwhelmingly in favour of legislation paving the way for discussions on a 3rd Greek bailout, late last night. Greece Meanwhile, riot police fired tear gas into a crowd of over 5,000 protesters in Syntagma Square while parliament was in session. Around 2am local time, 229 out of 300 MP’s voted for the measures agreed to by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras last Monday morning in Brussels. From within his party it was much less a victory as he failed to gain support from 38 Syriza MP’s. Just before the vote, and although he hadn’t been expected to do so, the Prime Minister addressed parliament at the end of the debate telling it “the government doesn’t believe in the measures and that he was “blackmailed”. While Greece is now on course to receive 86 billion euro in more debt from the troika, Alexis Tsipras future as leader of Syriza is even less secure.