Greece fails to table new proposal for a bailout fund

The meeting of Eurozone finance ministers has ended abruptly with no basis as yet for an agreement on Greek debt. The flag of the European Union It’s hoped there may be a breakthrough tomorrow, when Greece says it will table new proposals. The Greek finance minister Euclid Tsakalotos didn’t bring with him any written proposals for an alternative debt renegotiation deal to the extraordinary meeting of finance ministers, and according to sources present, instead asked for a bridging loan for several months until an agreement could be made. In the end it was decided that the Greek team come up with a plan which could be discussed at a teleconference among the Eurogroup tomorrow. In the meantime tonight Eurozone leaders are due to meet shortly; originally with the intention of discussing the outcome of the finance ministers conclusions. The Greek Prime Minister has since confirmed he’ll speak to the European Parliament in Strasbourg tomorrow.