Gardaí appeal to Kerry’s bikers to slow down

Too many motor cyclists in Kerry are not wearing the proper protective gear, and many are driving too fast. MOTORBIKE That’s according to a spokesman for the Kerry Garda traffic corps, who has appealed to the county’s bikers to slow down, and to always wear the proper helmet and clothing. Garda Peter McCarthy says that of the three people killed on Kerry’s roads so far this year, two were riding motor bikes. Over the past two years, there’s been a peak in the number of motor cyclists killed on Irish roads, with the majority being male and aged between twenty and forty. Most of the fatalities involving motor bikes, occur at junctions, and usually in the second half of the year. Garda McCarthy appealed to Kerry’s bikers to reduce their speed, and never take a risk when overtaking. But he said that wearing the correct protective clothing, was equally important: [audio_player src=””]