Garda computer expert gives evidence at trial involving Killarney jarveys

A Garda computer expert has given evidence at the trial involving allegations of bad blood between Killarney jarveys. Evidence has already been heard in the case which returned to Kenmare District Court. Gavel 4 Three people have been prosecuted in relation to the alleged harassment. 26 year old Michael Tangney of 10B Muckross Close Killarney and 40 year old Paul Tangney of 18 Muckross Close Killarney deny harassing Michael Sweetman and his wife Julie “by persistently communicating with them, including by means of telephone and internet”, on dates inclusive between May 9 and May 25, 2010. The Tangneys’ former employee Kevin Counihan, aged 34, of Apartment 1, 30 High St, Killarney, has already pleaded guilty to harassment of the couple and has given evidence against his former employers. He is to be sentenced when the case is finalised. Yesterday computer expert Garda Padraig Doyle told of examining two laptop computers and two desktop computers. He said he used key words such as Sweetman and Killarney Horse and Carriage. He agreed with Paul Tangney’s solicitor Dan O’Connor that no emails from the computers had been sent to the Sweetmans. The Garda said that e-mail addresses can be sold to spam companies and people are then bombarded with spam. The case is to resume in Killarney on July 27th and is to take at least two more days.