Ferris goes to top of field following count 9

The distribution of 3,103 votes in the ninth count has been completed. Kerry Count Centre General Election 2016 Michael Pixie O’Gorman (IND) and Brian Finucane (PBP/AAA) were eliminated following count 8. Their transfers have propelled Martin Ferris up to the top of the field. Still three seats to play for with four contenders. Michael and Danny Healy-Rae claimed the first two seats; making history in the process. The quota is 13,213. The turnout in the new five seat constituency was 70.7 % Following count nine the remainder of the candidates stand as follows: 1. Martin Ferris SF – 11,722 (+1,139) 2. Brendan Griffin FG– 11,396 (+173) 3. John Brassil FF – 9,495 (+253) 4. Jimmy Deenihan FG– 7,630 (+304) 5. Arthur Spring LAB- 5,877 (+276) 6. Norma Moriarty FF– 5,392 (+140) Returning Officer Padraig Burke has now announced he will eliminate Norma Moriarty and distribute her votes for count 10 5,392 votes are to be distributed. Brassil is relying on good vote management within Fianna Fail in Kerry. Vote management has been criticised nationally in the party –but locally party members are positive about bucking that trend in count ten. Plus, geography is not on their side Norma Moriarty is from Waterville and some sources in Fine Gael say that her proximity to Brendan Griffin in mid Kerry could benefit him in transfers. Notwithstanding all of that however – John Brassil will do well from the distribution of Norma Moriarty’s votes – 5,392 of them. John Brassil is 3,718 votes off the quota of 13,213. Meanwhile, around 200 cars are on a cavalcade around North Kerry as the Healy Raes celebrate their wins.