Eurozone leaders wait for Greece to sign off on 3rd bailout

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Eurozone leaders are awaiting the results from Greece as to whether it will sign off on a new plan for talks on a 3rd bailout. After 17 hours of talks among eurozone heads of state and government an agreement was made which may lead to saving Greece from exiting the euro. Shona Murray reports from Brussels: [audio_player src=””] Meanwhile, Ireland South MEP Sean Kelly denies the latest Greek debt deal was all part of a plan to oust the Syriza led Government and impose harsh austerity measures. MEP Sean Kelly The Kilcummin native is delighted a deal has been agreed for a third Greek bailout. The Fine Gael MEP says there’s been great hardship for the Greek people and he believes the Syriza government could fall on the back of the deal: [audio_player src=””]