Dublin and Cork passenger services from Kerry avoid head on collision

Two trains narrowly avoided a head on collision between Mallow and Killarney in December, 2013. Iarnrod EireannThe incident was included in the Railway Accident Investigation Unit of Ireland’s summary investigation report of signals passed at danger (SPAD) on Ireland’s rail network from January 2012 to June 2015. On December 8th, 2013 the 11:50 passenger service from Tralee to Heuston was running late. To minimise delay the Centralised Traffic Control Signalman and the Traffic Regulator changed the crossing point for this and the 12:10 Cork to Tralee train to Millstreet Station – instead of Banteer. The routes are on a bi-directional single line track with crossing loops. It was expected the Tralee-Heuston service would arrive first at Millstreet, disembark passengers and shunt into the crossing loop. As the Tralee-Heuston train approached, it passed signal TL223 at danger without authority. This resulted in the two trains on the same section of line, travelling towards each other, until the Signalman put out a general call for the trains to stop. Both train drivers applied the brakes and the trains came to a stop 175 metres apart on the platform. Iarnroid Éireann categorised the incident as high risk.