Dooks breaks temperature records

Dooks in mid Kerry has broken records this week, when on Sunday a temperature of 20.1 degrees was recorded – the highest ever recorded in Ireland for the month of November. Temperatures in all parts of the country on Sunday were more than 10 degrees higher than the average for this time of year. meteireann According to Met Eireann, the previous record high for November was 20 degrees, recorded on the 4th of the month  in 1946 at Rathfarnam Castle. The average temperature at this time of year is 9.3 degrees. Met Eireann says a ridge of high pressure over Ireland on Sunday that extended from an anti-cyclone over south east Europe generated slack southerly winds in a tropical continental air mass. This produced the higher than normal temperatures. The UK’s November temperature record was also broken on Sunday with 22.4 degrees recorded in mid-Wales. Meanwhile, weather stats for the month of October show that Valentia Observatory had its driest October since 2003. The highest mean monthly temperature for October was 12.3 degrees, recorded at Sherkin Island in Cork. Overall October saw above average temperatures across the country.