Department begins legal action to re-open access road to Killarney National Park

The Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht is to go to court to have an obstruction to an access road into part of Killarney National Park removed. Killarney National Park - Woodland Radio Kerry News has learned that judicial intervention is being sought to remove a fence at the entrance to Tomies Wood. The main entrance to the wood – on the edge of Killarney National Park near Fossa – has been closed for the past two weeks following the erection of a fence across a roadway. Tomies Wood is located on the verge of Killarney National Park close to Lough Leane and between Fossa and Beaufort. It is a popular looped route for walkers and is home to the spectacular O’Sullivan’s Cascade waterfall. Access to the main entrance to the wood is via a pathway through private land just off the Fossa to Gap of Dunloe road. On the last weekend of June, a fence and signage indicating private property were erected, blocking the access path to Tomies. It is unknown who erected the fence but it is believed may be linked to decisions of Kerry County Council earlier this year to give the green light to a new road to the wood and the approval of rights of way in the county. The department – whose officials use the road to enter the wood – says it is continuing to examine the matter. Sources said that the department has begun legal proceedings to have the fence removed and the road re-opened.