Deer carcasses disposed of in accordance with guidelines says Department

The culling of deer at Killarney National Park is in line with guidelines. Severed heads red deer That’s according to the Department of Arts, Heritage & Gaeltacht who have issued a statement following the discovery of six severed deer heads – allegedly by a member of the public – at an National Parks & Wildlife facility in Killarney this week. The Department says deer culls are conducted by trained wildlife staff and the carcasses in question, were disposed of in accordance with Department of Agriculture guidelines and public health and safety requirements. The Department also stated that the images of the severed deer heads – which appeared on social media this week – were taken in a restricted area at the management station. This area is not open to the public. The Department said culls have been taking place in Killarney National Park for years and are “undertaken in the interests of herd husbandry and habitat management”. These culls are in the “best interest of the deer herds and the National Park the statement added, and are conducted in accordance with best husbandry practice, scientific and agricultural guidelines.