Decorative giant umbrellas for Killarney raised at municipal district meeting

An update on planned decorative umbrellas for Killarney town is due in the coming weeks. Main Street, Killarney Cllr Michael Gleeson asked the Killarney Municipal District meeting if the giant umbrellas will be afforded to visitors and locals sheltering from the summer sun this year in the town. The tulip or inverted umbrellas for Main Street will cost an estimated 50,000 euro. The project which had the backing of Killarney Town Council has been assigned to Kerry County Council’s Tourism Unit, which will provide a report for the next meeting. Kerry County Council says the project has merit but needs further consideration. Cllr Michael Gleeson also asked for a permanent sound system for Killarney to be progressed, which he said would be invaluable at times of festival and celebration. The Tourism Unit in co-operation with the Killarney Municipal District is liaising with the Killarney Chamber of Tourism and Commerce to secure funding for such a system.