A cull of red deer in Killarney National Park will take place this month. Red Deer Stag During Rutting Season. Photograph taken by John Delea of the Wild Deer Association.  The National Parks and Wildlife Service says the cull will take place weather permitting between now and March. Wild deer in the State are protected under the Wildlife Acts and roam freely throughout the countryside. Calls have been made in Killarney to control the deer population following collisions with motorists. The National Parks and Wildlife Service has ruled out fencing Killarney National Park as it says it would not achieve the desired results for a number of reasons including impacting on the sensitive habitats within the park. Lowland red deer numbers have increased and are very visible according to the service. The deer will be culled within the boundaries of Killarney National Park by NPWS staff. The NPWS says it would also like to further reduce the numbers of the non-native Sika species.