Cull of low land Red Deer in Killarney National Park

The National Parks and Wildlife Service is to begin culling low land Red Deer in Killarney National Park next month. Red Deer Stag at Killarney National Park. Photograph taken by John Delea of the Wild Deer Association. The Irish Examiner reports the cull will take place once the rut has finished. Wild deer in the State are protected under the Wildlife Acts and roam freely throughout the countryside. The Department says it does not have the resources to carry out or coordinate a national deer count. Calls have been made in Killarney to control the deer population following collisions with motorists. The National Parks and Wildlife Service has ruled out fencing Killarney National Park as it says it would not achieve the desired results for a number of reasons. These include the size and terrain of the park, Sika deer are capable of going under fencing 8 inches off the ground and red deer are capable of knocking them down. The fencing would also also impact on the sensitive habitats within the Park and the statement adds t here are many deer outside the Park boundaries which would still be capable of running into the path of motorists. The NPWS, which issues licences to hunt the animals, says it would also like to further reduce the numbers of the non-native Sika species.