Count two underway in Killarney

At 9am, Returning Officer Padraig Burke announced to a quiet hall in Killarney that count two has begun. HEALY RAE WIN Yesterday’s story was all about the Healy-Rae’s storming performance and campaign -securing two seats. Last night Michael Healy-Rae was elected with the highest first preference of any candidate in the country. This was the moment returning officer Padraig Burke announced the first of Kerry’s 5 TD’s for the 32nd Dail. audio – mhrelect – 24 [audio_player src=””] Michael Healy Rae gave his reaction to Marian O Flaherty audio- [audio_player src=””] Today the second count will see those 20,378 votes sorted. There’s a surplus of 7,165 votes to be distributed. Count two will see Michael’s brother Cllr Danny Healy Rae elected. But today’s narrative will switch to a battle of survival. Two sitting TDs saw a massive collapse in their vote yesterday. In the last General Election Jimmy Deenihan topped the poll in the old Kerry North West Limerick constituency with 12,304 first preferences – last night Returning Officer Padraig Burke announced to Killarney Sports and Leisure Centre he has received 6,489 in this election. A drop of 48 per cent. In 2011 Arthur Spring polled 9,159 first preferences, yesterday he secured 4,813 and lies in seventh in the field. Also a drop of 48 per cent. But it is hard to predict where transfers will go and the order in which eliminations occur will be crucial. The quota is 13,213. The turnout in the new five seat constituency was 70.7 % After count one here is how the field stands….

  1. Michael Healy Rae IND – 20,378 (elected)
  2. Danny Healy Rae IND -9,991
  3. Brendan Griffin FG– 9,674
  4. Martin Ferris SF -9,458
  5. John Brassil FF – 8,156
  6. Jimmy Deenihan FG– 6,489
  7. Arthur Spring LAB- 4,813
  8. Norma Moriarty FF– 4,348
  9. Michael Pixie O’Gorman IND– 1,236
  10. Michael Fitzgerald GP– 1,011
  11. Brian Finucane PBP/AAA -981
  12. Grace O’Donnell FG – 776
  13. Donal Corcoran RENUA- 716
  14. Mary Fitzgibbon IND – 635
  15. Kevin Murphy IND -464

Results in the second count are expected around midday.