Councillor calls for safety fence along Ring of Kerry to avoid accidents with wild deer

A Kerry County Councillor has called for a safety fence to be erected along specific locations on the Ring of Kerry road to avoid accidents as a result of wild deer.

Red Deer Stag at Killarney National Park. Photograph taken by John Delea of the Wild Deer Association.

Fianna Fail Cllr Michael Cahill was speaking at a recent South and West Kerry Municipal District meeting.
Cllr Cahill said that 14 people have died in the county over the past number of years as a result of wild deer on our roads and that immediate action should be taken to avoid further accidents and fatalities.

Independent Coucillor Johhny Healy-Rae said that if a farmer’s cattle are on the road they are responsible for what happens and that likewise the National Parks and Wildlife service should be responsible for wild deer.

Kerry County Council said that the matter was primarily a consideration of the National parks and Wildlife Service, who have statutory responsibility for the control of deer on their property.

It added that unfortunately it is very difficult for the local authority to implement measures for the control of deer coming onto the public road.

Where there is a known high incident of accidents with deer, the council said that warning signage has been erected to inform motorists.