Councillor accuses the Healy-Raes of political opportunism

A Kerry County Councillor has accused the Healy-Raes of political opportunism.

Earlier this week, Irish Water announced it was to spend €250,000 on upgrading old asbestos, cement, cast iron and lead water pipes in the town replaced.

The announcement was welcomed by those across the political divide.

Bobby O'Connell. 2

Local Fine Gael Councillor Bobby O’Connell says the pipes are being replaced following a motion he raised and has accused the Healy-Raes of attempting to claim the credit.

Danny Healy Rae 1


But Deputy Danny Healy-Rae says it is disingenuous to say that neither her nor his daughter, Cllr Maura Healy Rae,  haven’t raised the issues with the water pipes in Castleisland: