Council warns following emergence of algal scum in Lough Leane

Kerry County Council has advised members of the public to exercise caution following the discovery of an algal scum on the shores of the county’s largest lake. Lough Leane, Killarney The local authority says that tests are being carried out following the appearance of the scum at a number of locations in Lough Leane. Water quality monitoring is being carried out by Kerry County Council following the appearance of algal scum at a number of locations along the shore of the lake. The scum is typically characterised by an intense, localised discolouration of the water, normally blue-green or greenish-brown in colour. The council says the risk to public health is extremely low but says the presence of algal toxins have been known to cause illness or skin rashes in certain circumstances. They advise that water from Lough Leane not be used for drinking, cooking or washing; that swimming or paddling near the scum be avoided; and that fishermen avoid such areas. Precautionary warning signs are being erected at various locations around the lake and these will remain in place until further notice. The council is working with other relevant agencies to investigate the matter.