Council to introduce traffic calming policy for residential estates

Kerry County Council is to introduce a new policy for traffic calming for local roads and housing estates in the county. Kerry County Council entrance2 The policy is in draft form at present but, if adopted, would allow for the installation of ramps, rumble strips and similar traffic management measures in residential estates around Kerry. There have been several calls from county councillors in recent years for traffic calming measures in various residential estates around the county as well as on a number of so-called local roads. With this in mind, Kerry County Council has published a draft traffic calming policy for such areas. To have ramps, traffic islands, build-outs or similar measures considered, there would need to be agreement among at least two-thirds of households; the site would have to be within a 50 km/h speed limit zone; and have a minimum length of road in a cul-de-sac of at least 150 metres. Presenting the draft policy to councillors in the South and West Kerry Municipal District, senior engineer David Doyle, said the aim was to combat speeding in residential areas. He said the policy would need to be approved by each municipal district in the county before going to a full council meeting for consideration.