Concerns raised about level of outdoor KCC staff

Councillors have raised concerns about the number of outdoor staff employed by Kerry County Council. KCC logo The matter was discussed at the monthly meeting of the local authority. Cllr Mike Kennelly raised the matter at the recent Corporate Policy Group meeting where he pointed out that there has been a reduction in the number of outdoor staff in the Listowel area and five staff are due to retire in the next three years. He added that some works from the 2015 councillor’s allocations had not been carried out and asked for the staffing issue to be addressed. Cllr Danny Healy-Rae claimed there were plenty of managers in the council but those on the frontline were not being replaced. Chief Executive Moira Murrell said she was aware of the situation but added it was not as simple as lifting the public sector recruitment embargo. She said a limited number of positions were being filled and a workforce plan had been drawn up around affordability. Ms Murrell admitted that there was not anywhere near the staffing level needed but the local authority didn’t have funding to fill the positions. Since 2008 there’s been a 20 per cent drop in the number of outdoor and indoor staff employed by Kerry County Council.