Johnny Healy Rae 3Young people who have emigrated should be able to complete the Green Cert online. That’s according to Cllr Johnny Healy-Rae who has called on Kerry County Council to write to the Department of Agriculture on the matter. The Green Cert is a prerequisite requirement which enables access to a number of grants and subsidies. Cllr Healy Rae told the monthly meeting of Kerry County Council that young Kerry farmers – who have emigrated –  are “at a disadvantage”. This is he said, because they cannot complete the Green Cert while abroad, with a view to coming home. Cllr Healy-Rae said if the Green Cert could be completed online, it would help entice young farmers to move home – adding “sure these days, you could nearly become a doctor online”. Cllr Dan McCarthy seconded the motion, saying that it would be worth considering, “if it would help bring even five farmers back home to Kerry”.