Chief Superintendent confirms internal investigation underway in Killarney garda station

killarney-garda-stationThe Garda Chief Superintendent for Kerry says allegations of police corruption in the county came to light after garda management were told about the claim.

It’s understood that a serving garda has alleged that a businessman in Killarney has offered gifts, which could be viewed as bribes, to local gardaí.
Garda Chief Superintendent Con Cadogan says an internal investigation has been launched into allegations of corruption involving Killarney-based gardaí.

Chief Superintendent Cadogan says the matter is being treated very seriously by garda management who were contacted by the member of the force who’s made the claims.

It’s understood that between 50 and 60 gardaí in Killarney garda station are being interviewed.

It’s being reported that one of the questions being put to them is, “have you been offered a voucher?”

The probe will also examine the alleged improper behaviour by the businessman who it’s claimed made approaches to gardaí.