Charles Haughey portrait restored to Dingle pub

A portrait of former Taoiseach Charlie Haughey has been restored to its rightful place in a Dingle pub after a number of punters made off with it. Charles Haughey Finn Mac Donnell, of Dick Mack’s pub chased down a group of patrons who had taken the picture from the wall of the pub. Mr Mac Donnell says when they saw him coming they threw Charlie onto the road but luckily he managed to catch him mid-air and prevent any serious damage being done. The portrait had previously been the subject of controversy when a pint was maliciously thrown over it last January. Finn said that Charlie has now been ‘properly’ attached to the wall of the pub, to prevent any future theft attempts. Charlie Haughey was a regular visitor to Dick Mack’s pub before his death in 2006.