Census 2011 reveals over 13% of the population of Kerry had a disability in 2011

Over 13% of the population of Kerry had a disability in 2011. That’s according to the Central Statistic Office which released its latest series of Census 2011 results. Profile 8 Our Bill of Health – Health, Disability and Carers  in  Ireland,  presents  a  profile  of  the  health  of  the Irish population,  focussing on disability and carers. The results also reveal that Kerry had one of the highest proportion of carers compared to the county’s population. According to Census 2011, 19,168 people living in Kerry had at least one disability in April 2011. Of these there was an almost half and half male and female split. The most common disability was a difficulty with pain, breathing, or other chronic illness or condition, followed by a difficulty with basic physical activities. When asked to rate their general health, 58% of Kerry respondents had very good health, just over 29% said their health was good, while over 2000 people indicated that they had bad or very bad health. Census 2011 also showed over 4000 women and almost 3000 men in Kerry were providing unpaid assistance to others in April 2011. It also showed 175 children aged under 15 provided care to others, counting for 2.5% per cent of all carers in the county.