Campaigner defends role of unions in setting up of Irish Water

A trade union activist and anti-water charges campaigner has defended the role of trades union in the setting up of Irish Water ahead of a major protest against water charges on August 29th. Irish Water Brendan Ogle was responding to revelations that vital information wasn’t handed over to Irish Water about various costs until agreement was first reached with unions about the future employment of local authority staff. It’s been alleged that unions were not forthcoming with financial due diligence information on water services in local authorities that was sought to help ensure efficiencies were achieved in the setting up of new utility. Specifically it had been planned that the service level agreements would only be for 5 years. This changed to 12 years in the negotiations. Brendan Ogle said that in industrial relations, parties routinely withhold information from each other in the hope of getting a better deal for those they represent. Speaking to Jerry O’Sullivan on Kerry Today, Mr Ogle says is not unique to Irish Water. [audio_player src=””]