Calls on planning department to outline options available to rural homeowners

Cllr John Joe Culloty Homeowners in rural areas should be able to sell their family homes and construct a smaller, “more efficient” house either in their current area or elsewhere in the county. That’s according to Cllr John Joe Culloty who has called on the planning department of Kerry County Council to explain options available to rural homeowners. He said this need may arise as a result of children moving out of the family home. Responding to Cllr Culloty, Kerry County Council outlined policy that future housing in rural areas needs to comply with sustainable rural housing guidelines for planning authorities. The County Development Plan 2015 – 2121 requires all new rural housing is for use as a primary, permanent place of residence. Under these guidelines, the construction of second homes is not permitted in the rural housing landscape. The council outlined applications for residential development in rural areas must establish there is a genuine housing need for permanent occupation.