Calls for traffic calming on mid Kerry road

Calls have been made for traffic calming measures on a mid-Kerry road before a fatal accident happens. Road A group of residents from Keel attended the meeting of the South and West Kerry Municipal District to outline their concerns. The deputation had been requested by Cllr John Francis Flynn. Cllr Michael O’Shea said with the speeds travelled on the Keel road, which is a main route to Dingle, it is amazing there has not been a fatal accident. The councillors gathered asked the local authority to consider traffic calming measures or flashing lights to slow down motorists due to the presence of schools, a crèche, church and pubs. Cllr John Francis Flynn said the area is badly signposted and the road marking are insufficient and small measures could make a big difference. Cllr Patrick Connor-Scarteen suggested that the Wild Atlantic Way should include funding for safety works in its budget. A local resident told the meeting he cannot strim the ditch outside his home as the road is too dangerous. Engineer for the Municipal District Padraig Teahan said they would review the area but he was not sure if the road would lend itself to traffic calming adding funding would not be available. He suggested the enforcement of the speed limit of 50 km/hr.